Friday, July 16, 2010

When pervasive computing meet cloud computing, Infinite VS Infinite

Recently i am trying to propose a project base on my previous idea, of course a lot more detail than the pose, for my PhD study project. Now i am crazily reading papers from all kinds of area, Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing, Cloud Computing, try to identical the research value in my project.

Today just want to share some interesting finding during my reading.

In one paper "Pervasive commuting a paradigm for the 21st century" by Debasbis saba and Amitava Mukberjee. In the issues and challenges they mentioned,

"Though pervasive computing components are already deployed in many environments, integrating them into a single platform is still a research problem. The problem is similar to what researchers in distributed computing face, but the scale is bigger,. As the number of devices and applications increases, integration becomes more complex. For example, servers must handle thousands of concurrent client connections, and the influx of pervasive devices would quickly approach the host`s capacities. We need a confederation of autonomous servers cooperating to provide user services."

And as what we know from cloud computing, we can ask/rent as much as computing resource we want to deal with our need.

If a auto-scale framework/model with a multi tenancy architecture application can be created base on cloud computing, sounds like the issue mention in the paper will be easily solved.

And imaging if there is a standard that can build into all electric appliances, and there is a router like agent that can collect information/send control signal from/to those electric appliances, and process all these information in the multi tenancy architecture application up in the cloud, such kind of project will absolutely benefit human being a lot than we can expected

More, some of the projects demo in Oxygen MIT can be easily achieve without creating any new technologies as well.

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  1. Interested in cloud computing topics.. can you suggest me do material and idea for a project on it