Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Peek at Multitenancy in Azure Table Stroage

As we know, the programming model for using Windows Azure Table Storage is  like the pic below

Every table can be partition base on custom Partition Key.
If we take the advantage of the Partition Key, we can easily create a multitenancy data struture.

For example, we want to create a multi user blog, just like blogger, we might have a table, call it "Posts", to store the post written by the users.
Obviously, we can use the username as Partition Key.
So base on the username, we can easily retrieve the corresponding set of data.

This kind of approach, data level multitenacy architecture, should be exist long time ago, but apply them onto cloud storage, will gain benefit that we cannot have in relational database.

Cloud storage will guarantee all data be stored highly distributed, and fully replicated.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cloud computing + IT management = Home Automation

I just have something in my mind that, there will be soon or already become real for some of the area, everything will be or has been able to connect internet.

And when talking about IT management, usually we will think of enterprise, company or education institute, when they are up to a certain size, they need a central administration to enable them to manage all the computing device.

However, people are invoke with technologies lot more than people live in the older days,
individual or family also need there own IT management ...

1) individual who want to use all his/her computer device all in one entry
2) family to share all the resource

And for sure, nowadays we can do things like this for enterprise/companies/education institutes

Migrate all the IT manage system onto the cloud,
instead of hosting the management system on-premises, we host it on to cloud.

For IT management vendor, they no longer need to maintain the server, they just focus on how to make there management software to meet customers needs.

And because the cloud can provide "pay as you go", now the IT Management vendor can also easily offer "pay as you go" for using there service.

Now interesting things happened.
The idea of office automation, home automation have been there for ages, but why still lots of the people cannot take the benefit, that is because it will be too much to buy, install and maintain the devices, software system all kind of stuff.

But now all the price are going down,
for IT management vendors, they can just create a multi-tenancy architecture IT management system.
and i assume all digital device will be able to control via internet,
and the multi-tenancy architecture IT management system will allow user to plug-in Printer, Fax machine, Fridge, Air Conditioner, Washing machine etc .....

then something like this can be happened

Imaging just like nowadays mobile plan service, maybe in the future IT management vendor will also offer home device management service, let say you pay 30 bucks a month, it will allow you to have a dashboard to see how much electricity you have been consume, what are the condition of the device, and allow you to schedule or even make a work-flow to turn on and shutdown devices etc.....

Bullshit ends...

A pattern for how to do monitoring on distributed, large scattered applications

Coming soon ...

Real project was done, will be update once some copy right issue is done ...