Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Auto migrate exising ASP.NET application onto Windows Azure

Source code Package AutoDeployRobot_WithCommandFile.zip

In this video I am going to show how to migrate a existing ASP.net Application to Windows Azure.

There will be two way, 1) via application 2) via powershell script

SOmething you need to know:

We will use Azure Management API and Azure storage API for this demo.

In order to pass Azure Management API authentication, we need the Subscription ID and a Self-signed X509 certificate

In order to pass Azure storage API authentication, we need the Account Name and Access Key

When try to do auto deploy, we have to save deployment file onto azure blob storage first, then ask Windows azure to look for the file from the storage to make the deployment.

Demo 1, migrate via an application which implentment by using Azure Management API and Azure storage API

1) show the existing asp.net application

2) create a service definition file

3) use cspack to pack the application

4) upload file onto blob storage

5) deployment onto windows Azure

a web role "Ganda" will call the management API to deploy the application onto Azure, after that, the web role pass a message to a worker role "Ant", the worker

role will keep checking the satus of the deployment, once it was deployed, the worker role will ask the deployment to run

Demo 2, migrate via powershell script

automatically do all the job from step 3 to 5 in demo 1

Thank you for watching...


  1. Hi can u post the videos with voice or post some documentation for this migration, its not clear and its difficult to figure out

  2. @Shashvat, ah...ok...i will do the video again later with voice.

  3. I am new to windows Azure ?
    tell me the how to start windows azure?
    How to develop my asp.net web applications in widows azure ?
    I am using .net VS2010