Monday, September 21, 2009

Time to build a version control app for Azure

Introducing the Windows Azure Service Management API

Azure has release its management API.

Now azure has most of the stuff, but there is one thing Azure do not have.

Deployment version control....

If you want to down-grade your deployment, and if your stageing deployement is not the down grade version.

there is no way for you to down grade.

Since the management API has been is time for version control now....


1) Do not store any user information
2) Store data in user`s storage

Howto Implement:
1) The Version Control App(VCA) is a web portal
3) When user come to VCA, user need to provide keys, subscritionID etc,
for VCA to access SQL Azure or Table Stroage, in order to store version info, to access Blob storage, in order to storage deployment files.
4) VCA is only a graphical interface. But behind the scene, some logic were applied to organize those data, in order to provide version control. And for sure, VCA will invoke Azure Service Management API, to help user swap deployement doing upgrade or downgrade.

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