Friday, August 14, 2009

Poor .Net Service Bus Java SDk ...

In this article i am NOT going to show you how to do things with .Net Service Bus Java SDK.

But show you some of the facts i found out from my experiments.
(I used Metro to create service to connection to .Net Service Bus)

1) Java To Java Only support SOAP 1.2

I was struggling for some days, when i didn`t pay too much attention on the release notes,
and trying to create a demo, asking java subscriber to talk to java publisher.

Later my friend Liang found out that, Java SDK only support SOAP 1.2 protocal.

Coz by default, metro is using SOAP 1.1.
So when you program with metro, make sure u specify proper binding for your impl class

SOAP 1.2

2) Too much overheading

First let`s have a look how many packages would be sent if we use .Net technology to .Net technology

Start from the highlight.
Only four package will be sent for doing one round-trip conversation.

Now let have a look at the java to java (Be prepared and don`t be scared).
Yep..i am not joking, the whole page, starting from the top till the end of the pic,
it took so much to finished one round-trip conversation.

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  1. good, you totally implements the idea of impementation and open source in programming world.

    Hope to see your new update!!